Cindy Hohl

Past- President

ALA Spectrum Scholar
Director of Branch Operations, The Kansas City Public Library

JCLC 2022 (Steering Committee)

Email Me: ailaprez2020@gmail.com

How did you decide to become a librarian?

I was recruited to the field by another librarian, and the opportunity turned into a life-changing career experience for me. Being related to librarians, I admired their passion for service and I also wanted to have a job that I loved. While the learning curve was initially high, the transition was a seamless pathway for me because I have always worked in customer service, and I love helping others. With six years invested, the LIS field has become my new home and I am proud to work with such dedicated information professionals. At this point in my career, I could not imagine growing as much in another field. If you are a lifelong learner, libraries are the perfect setting to quench your thirst for knowledge!

What is your AILA passion?

We are surrounded by our systems of Indigenous Knowledge, and our members have a wealth of culture to support these traditional ways of knowing. This understanding helps us to build skills and abilities that allow us to live our best lives while remaining cognizant that we are one with our environment. In library science, systems are evaluated, scaled, and valued to understand how information flows. Using a similar information network to support our tribal communities, the strength of AILA is immense and there has never been a better time to raise our voices to ensure a positive collective impact is achieved through this organization. We all belong to each other and the beauty of this understanding remains our touchstone. #PRESERVEIK

What is your story?

I remain passionate about supporting our communities through the study of leadership, tribal sovereignty, and federal Indian law with the goal of always providing thoughtful service to others. Using a literacy-based model to support my career journey, I seek to obtain education through the wisdom of our elders and youth to make decisions using a holistic lens. This is an honor to serve our membership, and I am pleased to offer mentorship to others.