Statement of Purpose

The public web site of the American Indian Library Association (AILA) exists to help fulfill the organization’s mission to support the goals of service to Indian/ Tribal libraries. To this end, the public web site will serve as a primary vehicle for providing access to recorded information and information services, and for communicating AILA policies, procedures, and other information about the association. The AILA web site is an evolving structure that provides important access to services, policies, and resources, and serves as the AILA public face on the Internet. Overall responsibility for creation and maintenance of the site lies with the Web Coordinator and the Web Advisory Group, which is appointed by the AILA President. Its effective functioning, however, requires wide member participation and considerable effort and expertise. The purpose of these guidelines is to provide concise standards, style directions, and maintenance procedures for the AILA members who design, author, and maintain pages on the organization’s web site.

Style Guidelines

Guidelines to create American indian Library Association web pages.