Current AILA Committees and Assignments

The following committees work toward specific organizational objectives for AILA. Terms of office are two years with a possible re-election. Please contact the AILA officers if you are willing to serve on committees. According to the AILA bylaws, the AILA President with the advice and consent of the AILA Executive board appoints Committee chairs. Terms will begin at the end of the AILA Business meeting at ALA Annual.

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Engagement Committee

Charge: Engages membership in promoting literacy, professional development, and building community. Promotes the services, programs and activities of AILA; works with the Communications committee.


Communications Committee

Charge: Coordinates the newsletter, website, and social media information channels for AILA. Promotes the services, programs and activities of AILA.


  • Newsletter:  AILA publishes a member Newsletter twice a year, in fall and spring.  The Newsletter Editor has primary responsibility for the newsletter.  Committee members may opt to participate in newsletter production in a number of ways:
    • Soliciting advertising for the newsletter
    • Soliciting and/or writing stories
    • Copy-editing
    • Layout and Design
  • Website: Maintenance of the AILA website.  Committee members may opt to participate in website functions in a number of ways:
    • Current News Content – identifying and soliciting appropriate announcements
    • Standard Content – Sections related to the organization’s history, structure, and functions, etc.
    • Job Postings – updating job postings and links on website
    • Website Administration – work with the Executive Director for delegated website tasks such as posting content, correcting links, etc.
    • Social Media: Monitors and evaluates social media tools, identifying appropriate media for disseminating information about AILA. Committee members may opt to participate in social media activities in a number of ways:
    • Posting to the Facebook group
    • Identifying and posting to other social media tools as the Committee and Executive Board deem appropriate
    • Promoting AILA Social Media outlets

Budget Committee

Charge: Coordinates and engages in fundraising activities to support the services and programs of AILA by working in conjunction with the Executive Board and the Treasurer, soliciting donations from funding sources, and soliciting the membership for ideas and support for fundraising activities. Report to the Executive Board at the Annual meeting for approval.


  • Fundraising
  • Job Ads
  • Advertising

Membership Committee

Charge: Responsible for attracting and retaining members through promotional activities and campaigns, reviewing and evaluating member benefits, and overseeing the AILA mentoring program.


  • Mentoring
  • Listserv
  • Nominating Executive Board -Responsible for presenting a slate of candidates to the entire AILA membership for a vote. The immediate past president shall serve as chair, and three past presidents will make up the committee.

Recognition Committee

Charge: Responsible for selecting AILA Distinguished Service, elder honors, as well as scholarship and travel grant awards using the established guidelines and criteria.


  • Distinguished Service award -winner selected every three years. See past awardees.
  • Virginia Matthews Scholarship – Deadline is June 1 of each year, the committee will convene prior to the AILA Annual Business Meeting to select the scholarship recipient. Committee announces the award at the Annual Business Meeting.
  • AILA Travel Awards- travel scholarships awarded to AILA members
  • ALA Emerging Leader-The American Library Association (ALA) Emerging Leaders (EL) program is a leadership development program which enables newer library workers from across the country to participate in problem-solving work groups, network with peers, gain an inside look into ALA structure, and have an opportunity to serve the profession in a leadership capacity.

Composition of Committees:

  1. An Executive Board Member will be a liaison and member of the Committee.
    • Ideally, the committee will comprise at least two-four additional volunteer members, though more are welcome and encouraged:
  2. An AILA member at large will serve as co-chair
  3. Additional committee members who will advise and contribute to the Committee’s work, either in general or through specific, discrete assignments for committee initiatives