New Book on Tribal Libraries, Archives, Museums

Loriene Roy and iSchool graduates Anjali Bhasin and Sarah Arriaga are pleased to announce the publication of their edited book, Tribal Libraries, Archives, and Museums: Preserving our Language, Memory, and Lifeways (Scarcrow Press, 2001). Featured contributors include Karen Alexander, Daniel Alonzo, Victoria Beatty, Bonnie Biggs,Shayne Del Cohen, Amelia Flores, Mary Anne Hansen,Kristen Hogan, Christina L. P. W. Johnson, Norma Joseph, Janice Kowemy, Sandra Littletree,Anne McCudden, Kawika Makanani, Cheryl Metoyer, Sam Olbekson, David Ongley, Susan Penfield, Chatherine Phan, Omar Poler, Gabriella Reznowski, Rhonda Harris Taylor, James Thull, Kelly Webster, and Amy Ziegler.
Congratulations Loriene and everyone else who contributed!