Interview with Dr. Lee Francis of Native Realities Press

picture of Dr. Lee Francis cropped over a red backdrop that repeats the Native Realities logo.

The American Indian Library Association would like to recognize AILA member Dr. Lee Francis who received the 2018 JCLC Author Award.  The Author Award recognizes an outstanding contribution to the body of ethnic literature. You can view his work at nativerealities.com.

How did you get started with Native Realities Press and publishing?

I founded Native Realities in 2015

Who are your role models?

I have so many role models!  I think anyone who is working on taking care of their communities with a good heart and keen imagination is a role model for me.  Elders, young people, creatives, they are all folks I wish to be when I grow up.

What can librarians do to support more publishing by Native small press publishers?

I think librarians have such limited time but working with Native communities on finding published works is critical to helping us, as Native publishers, continue to create work.  Also pushing larger distributors to carry and promote Native small publishers is also important.

What is your favorite comic?

With Stan Lee’s passing, I have been circling back to some of the Marvel classics: Avengers, Spider Man, Thor.  It’s just lovely work and great storytelling.

What is the best part of your job?

I get to be a nerd.  There’s nothing more satisfying than talking about pop culture as my job itself.