Naomi Caldwell, PhD

  • Ramapough Lenape Nation
  • Associate Professor and Coordinator, Library Education Media Program, Alabama State University


Naomi Caldwell holds a PhD in Information Sciences from the University of Pittsburgh. She is a past-president and secretary of AILA and has served on numerous ALA committees including ALA Council. Dr. Caldwell is best known for her critical evaluations on the portrayal of indigenous peoples in media for youth and is a founding member of the Youth Literature Award Committee of the American Indian Library Association. She is dedicated to the notion that indigenous people are well able to tell their own stories and their world view is valid. She is an associate professor and Coordinator of the Library Education Media online Program, Alabama State University. She enjoys time with family, friends, powwows, crafting, laughter, frybread and technology.


“I” is For Inclusion: The Portrayal of Native Americans in Books for Young People(pdf file) Program of the ALA/OLOS Subcommittee for Library Services to American Indian People. American Indian Library Association. Washington, D.C., June 23, 2007. Compiled by Naomi Caldwell, Gabriella Kaye, Lisa A. Mitten. Updated October 2007.

ā€œIā€ IS NOT FOR INDIAN” Selective Bibliography and Guide for the program, “ā€œIā€ is Not for Indian: The Portrayal of Indians in Books for Young People”, by the ALA/OLOS Subcommittee for Library Services to American Indian People and American Indian Library Association, Atlanta, June 29, 1991. Compiled by Naomi Caldwell-Wood and Lisa A. Mitten.