AILA Executive Director

Kelly Webster Appointed AILA’s First Executive Director!

Kelly has been an active member of AILA since 1997, and has served as AILA’s secretary (200-2003), executive board member at large (2007-2009), listserv manager (2008-present), membership coordinator (2008-present), Subject Access and Classification Committee Chair (2006-2008), and AILA President (2004-2005). She has missed only one AILA business meeting since 1997! In addition to her service to AILA, she has made significant contributions to the profession at large.

The Executive Director is an ex-officio member of the Executive Board, appointed by the President and approved by the Executive Board, serving a three-year term which may be renewed. Duties include acting as the chief administrative officer of AILA; assisting executive board members in carrying out their responsibilities; serving as membership coordinator; and performing other duties as prescribed by the President or Executive Board.

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