Forum Chair: Jody Gray

Program Committee: Camille Callison, Nicolita Garces , and Janice Kowemy

Treasurer: Carlene Engstrom

Planning Committee Volunteer: Loriene Roy

Local Arrangements: Valerie McBeth

Valerie McBeth was born and raised in Seattle, and worked in two public library systems and two community college libraries before becoming the director of the Lummi Library almost five years ago.

Website: Jody Gray and Devyn Goetsch

AILA Executive Board

 President: Janice Kowemy | Laguna Pueblo

Vice-President/President-Elect: Heather Devine | Eastern Shawnee

Secretary: Naomi Bishop | Gila River Indian Community

Treasurer: Carlene Engstrom | Salish/Kootenai

Executive Director: Kelly Webster | Oneida

Past-President: Sandy Littletree | Navajo/Shoshone

Member at Large 2011-2013: David Ongley

Member at Large 2011-2013: Melanie Toledo | Dine’(Navajo)

Member at Large 2012-2014: Mary Gibson | Te-Moak Tribe of Western Shoshone

Newsletter Editor: Michelle Brown-Parker



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Northwest Indian College

University of Minnesota Libraries

University of Minnesota Office for Equity and Diversity

University of Oklahoma Press