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Current AILA Committees and Assignments

The following committees are aimed at working toward specific organizational objectives for AILA. Terms of office are two years and then can be extended. Please contact the AILA officers if you are willing to serve on committees. According to the AILA bylaws, Chairs of Committees are appointed by the AILA President with the advice and consent of the AILA Executive board. Terms will begin at the end of the AILA Business meeting at ALA Annual.

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Budget and Finance Committee

Charge: Create an annual Operating Budget for AILA based on and not to exceed the preceding year’s income. Present it to the Executive Board at the Annual meeting for approval.

*Members: Heather Devine, Zora Sampson, Carlene Engstrom

AILA Youth Literature Award Committee

Charge: Using AILA’s American Indian Youth Literature Award Review Criteria as posted on the AILA web page, the committee will solicit nominations, review and vote for an award each for Children’s Picture Book, Middle Reader Book, and Young Adult Fiction. The first award winners were announced July 2006 and presented at the Joint Conference of Librarians of Color, Dallas EX October 2006. Thereafter the award will be presented every two years. See a list of all the winners.

* Chair: Naomi Bishop, 2015-2016
* Members:

Development and Fundraising Committee

Charge: Coordinates and engages in fundraising activities to support the services and programs of AILA by working in conjunction with the Executive Board and the Treasurer, soliciting donations from funding sources, and soliciting the membership for ideas and support for fundraising activities. Engages in public relations activities to promote the services, programs and activities of AILA; works with the Communications and Publications committee to enhance awareness of American Indian Librarianship.

* Chair: Janice Kowemy
* Members: Mary Jane Cedar Face

Membership and Publications Committee

Charge: This committee is responsible for attracting and retaining members through promotional activities and campaigns, reviewing and evaluating member benefits, and overseeing AILA’s mentoring program. The committee is also responsible for the list serv, newsletter, publicity, brochures, press releases, and any other promotional items created on behalf of AILA.   Membership will include the newsletter editor.

* Chairs: TBA
* Mentoring Chair: Susan Hanks
* Members: Daisy Dominguez, Heather Pitts
* Ex-officio: Jody Gray (List Manager/Membership Coordinator), Danielle Geller (Newsletter Editor)

Nominating Committee

Charge: The Nominating Committee is charged with presenting a slate of candidates to the entire AILA membership for a vote.

The immediate past president shall serve as chair, and three past presidents will make up the committee.

Programming Committee

Charge: To coordinate and arrange AILA sponsored/supported programs at ALA Annual meetings. The committee will also organize social events at Midwinter and Annual whenever possible.

*Chair: Janice Kowemy, 2013-2014
*Members: TBD

Scholarship Review Board

Charge: Using the guidelines and criteria drafted by Joan Howland and Lotsee Patterson, evaluate applications and select an awardee annually. The guidelines state that applicants will be selected by a committee of 5 AILA members, appointed annually by the AILA President with the approval of the Executive Board; committee members will serve two year, staggered terms. Completed applications will be distributed to the committee by June 1 of each year; the committee will convene prior to the AILA Annual Business Meeting to select the scholarship recipient. The award will be announced at the Annual Business Meeting.

* Chair: Holly Tomren
* Members: Paulita Aguilar, David Stevick, Shelley Urbizagastegui, Richenda Wilkinson

Talk Story Grant Committee

Charge: Talk Story: Sharing stories, sharing culture is a joint literacy program that reaches out to Asian Pacific American and American Indian/Alaska Native children and their families. The program celebrates and explores their stories through books, oral traditions, and art to provide an interactive, enriching experience. One grant will be awarded by AILA each year to a library who would like to host a Talk Story program using the established guidelines and criteria.

* Chair: Liana Juliano
* Members: Janice Kowemy, Grace Slaughter, Mary Gibson, Sunny Real Bird

Website Committee

Charge:  This committee will be responsible for AILA’s online presence.  This includes the website upkeep and maintenance and any social networking sites created on behalf of AILA.  Will work closely with the Communication and Publications Committee.

*Co-Chair: Heather Devine

*Co-Chair: TBD

*Members: Susan Larson

Distinguished Service Award Ad Hoc Committee

Charge: Using the established guidelines and criteria, evaluate letters of nomination and select an awardee. An award winner is selected every three years. See past awardees.

*Chair: Janice Rice

*Members: Naomi Caldwell, Carlos Duarte, Liana Juliano, Ramona Tecumseh

Subject Access and Classification Ad Hoc Committee

Charge: The committee will facilitate improved access to information about Native Americans by identifying ways to improve existing subject headings/thesauri and classification schemes, and identifying and developing alternatives to these. This committee works on projects as needed (click here to see the committee’s past wiki).