Lillian Chavez


Mescalero Apache Tribe
Mescalero Community Library Director
Member of AILA for over 10 years
I love to serve my community as a librarian. I am a people person and enjoy working with the community the most.


How did you decide to become a librarian?

I began my librarianship as a teacher aide during the development of our school in 1990. I started as a a TA and there was a need for a library aide in the elementary so I took the position and never looked back. I was the elementary librarian for 10 years, then was asked by my Tribe to do the Tribal Library in 2002, and this is where I began my educational endeavor  toward my Masters of Library and Information Science to position myself to build our Tribal Library, proud to say we are the only Public tribal Library in the South West of New Mexico.

What is your AILA passion?

My passion is to inspire other individuals to utilize the their libraries in their communities and build a professional and personal network to fulfill their everyday needs to communicate how powerful libraries are and how much resources are available to them.

What is your story?

I am empowered to give my all through my library and other libraries to learn and grow as much as possible, I was given this opportunity to impact the lives I have touched through my library and will continue to strive for for this everyday. I know I am an inspiration to my people by the positive feedback in my community, my profession and my personal encounters with people every minute of everyday.