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Member Spotlight: Naomi Bishop

Naomi Bishop

Naomi Bishop

Research Librarian, Ventana Medical Systems, Tucson, AZ

What do you do?
I’m a solo research librarian at an international company that manufactures instruments for cancer diagnostics. I provide research support, online literature searches, and instruction to support company information needs. My main customers are scientists, engineers, and pathologists, but I support all areas of the company including research & development, sales & marketing, and manufacturing. Some of my most popular services are targeted literature searches, reference requests, and weekly literature updates. I also assist with post-market surveillance for existing products. Ninety-eight percent of our library collection is electronic, but I still have a few bookshelves.

What brought you to AILA?
I volunteered to be a part of AILA while I was a student at the University of Washington. I was the only Native student in the MLIS program in Washington, so I joined AILA to meet other Native librarians and archivists.

What other interests do you have?
Sports! I’m a huge Arizona Wildcat fan . Basketball and Baseball are my favorite sports to watch. I also love children’s and youth literature. I’m a member of the AILA Youth Literature Awards Committee and love finding great books to read. I also enjoy walking with my Great Dane, Blue!

Is there a resource or project you’d like to alert us to?
Yes, I think everyone should be aware of the Resources list on the AILA website. These resources are for everyone and there is so much good stuff on the list.

Why is AILA important to you?
AILA is important to me because it encourages me to stay involved and work for change in the field. My mother always took us to the library when I was a child, and I want to make sure that libraries are relevant, fun, engaging, and accessible for the next generation. I especially want to see more fiction and picture books from Native authors and illustrators. I stopped reading in junior high and didn’t get back to reading until graduate school. I appreciate AILA being there for me and helping me to grow and help other librarians.

Book review of Xiipúktan (First of All)

Bryant, George and Miller, Amy. Xiipúktan (First of All): Three Views of the Origins of the Quechan People. Cambridge, UK: OpenBook Publishers, 2013. DOI: 10.11647/OBP.0037

First of All Cover

Review submitted by Naomi Caldwell, PhD
Associate Professor and Coordinator, Library Education Media Program, Alabama State University

First of All is a remarkable collaborative work by George Bryant, a fluent native Quechan researcher, and Dr. Amy Miller, linguist, University of California, San Diego. Their combined expertise enables the reader to examine three traditional stories: two previously recorded in English by J.P. Harrington (1908), and one extended recalling by Bryant (1995). Notably, Bryant’s perspective differs from Harrington’s. The Bryant version synthesizes his childhood memories and the results of his research. Bryant tells of the Bering Strait migration of the Quechan people, elaborates on early events of creation, and fully integrates Quechan language rhetorical devices such as repetition, syntactic parallelism, and narrative time. In many ways, Bryant’s recalling completes the Harrington stories by infusing more Quechan cultural perspectives into the narrative. All three views of the origin of the Quechan are printed in parallel Quechan and English formatted text. The meticulous transcript review process is evidenced by notes at the end of each retelling. This single volume is made complete by providing a practical orthography along with pronunciation tips and grammar. The elegance of the three retellings illuminates the copious ingenuity and progression of Quechan literature. First of All is the fifth volume in the World Oral Literature series and is available in print, PDF, and digital eBook and mobi formats. It was made possible by National Science Foundation and Institute of Museum and Library Services Native American/Native Hawaiian Museum Services grants. Highly recommended for Native language and traditional story collections. First of All is freely available to read on-line.

Editor’s Note:

OpenBook Publishers is a non-profit organization committed to providing open access to high-quality research internationally. All manuscripts are peer-reviewed by at least two subject specialists in the relevant field. Published works are available in hardback, paperback, PDF, and ebook editions and are also available to read and download—for free—on their website.

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